There is something about
his mocha skin
those chocolate eyes
and the way he called me
The way his smile
changes my look
on reality.
It started out so innocent,
I remember the brief flirtation.
I don’t remember
the metamorphosis
into what I’m feeling now.
After so much
I’m thinking
There’s something so
oddly romantic
about getting fucked
in the back seat of a car.
The passion built up
for months it had lead
up to this.
But then..
we lacked the spark.
And communication remains
near impossible.
Because baby is the only
word he really knows.

this is literally the best description of me there is 

this is literally the best description of me there is 

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work fuck lol. 


I think I’m stuck
on what it means
to be in love.
What it means
to love.
Is love giving up?
Or admitting that
you’ve waited too long?
I don’t know anything.
Except I don’t
want to know life
without you yet.
So what should I do?


You were the reason
I thought this life
Was still worth it.
The last good person,
I’m sorry.
It’s complicated to explain.
After heartbreak so extraordinary,
I saw hope, in your eyes,
In your smile.
The way you walked and talked
With confidence and
You’re ability to make me feel…
I was so goddamn beautiful.
I felt like something so amazing bloomed that first day in your bed
You must have felt it too…
And yet life worked against us
Throwing stones
At our glass home
We started to build.
Burning down our flowers
of hope and
killing our ability to work
towards something better.
And the past,
works against us.
Even now.
Will we ever
create something
worth having,


i wish it was simple to make someone love you.


I feel lost,
wandering this path 
full of both familiar
and unfamiliar faces.

I feel stuck,
laying in so many
different beds.
Should I?

Feel bad for the
devious me?
Because I don’t.

I find myself thinking
these thoughts,
most wildly, 
in your bed.

Somehow, our fates 
have collided again. 


Spending my nights in
your bed, seems easy.
Clasped into your arms.
With kisses
and sweet sultry
Body’s writhing
I don’t know
if we’re
going to make it past this


guys dis is my fav poem i’ve written


guys dis is my fav poem i’ve written

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The taste of nicotine
liquor and
the scent of heart break
linger on my clothes.
A permanent
reminder of that summer,
when we dipped our feet
into new waters.
We held on tight,
to the unfamiliarity,
making it familiar.
I want you.
You and me.
This summer.
Lets try agin

Your hand in my hand
and the scent of
our love so strong
it puts the world to shame.
Lets love harder than we loved before.
So I stop remembering your
Hand on my hip.
Lips on my lips.
Baby lets try this again
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